The 3 liters bag in boxes of Excuses a Doll are a clear commitment to quality wine with DO Terra Alta, in an ecological and comfortable format, as it allows people to enjoy a glass of wine while guaranteeing that the quality will not deteriorate for many weeks.

The selection consists of two bag in box of 3 liters, which is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. The first it is a white wine elaborated with White Grenache, which is the emblematic variety of the DO Terra Alta. The second it is a red wine made of Red Grenache and Carignan, which are the Mediterranean varieties par excellence.

The main characteristic of the bag in box packaging is that it allows to keep the packaged product mantaining all its quality attributes. The bag contracts as it is being emptied, preventing the contact of the product with the air. In addition, it isolates and protects the product from the light that can also alter it.

Since its conception, the system of the bag in box was conceived as an alternative packaging for the sale of wine. And in a short time it has become popular in many countries, mainly in France and the Scandinavian countries, since it is a wine that presents an excellent value for money.

The evolution of the bag in box over the years reflects changes in consumer habits and social trends. It is a format that adapts to the needs of the modern wine drinker.

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