In collaboration with the bookshops Llorens and La Mulassa, on April 7, Excusas Cava joined the presentation of the new book written by Martí Gironell “La força d’un destí”, the most successful book of Sant Jordi 2018.

In his latest novel “La força d’un destí” Ramon Llull Prize 2018, Martí Gironell discovers the character of Ceferino Carrión who, with 21 years of age, flees Franco’s dictatorship, looking for new horizons. He embarks on a ship to the United States. In New York, he will change his identity and become a US citizen under the name of Jean Leon.

Later, he will travels to Hollywood, where he will open La Scala, an establishment that will become the benchmark of Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s, crowded by cinema stars such as Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Kennedy. Finally, Leon will return to Catalonia and buy some land in the Penedès area to make his own wine.

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